Beeswax is a product that is beneficial to the body and does not harm it. 

It is well known that beeswax has a wide range of positive characteristics that make it a sought-after apiproduct. A wax of natural origin has been used for thousands of years for medical and cosmetic purposes due to the fact that its capabilities are difficult to replace. As a cosmetic cream, wax is one of the most popular uses for wax wax contains a lot of surfactants that create a thin film on the skin - it acts as a protective barrier for external "aggressors", for example, ultraviolet radiation; wax contains substances that have a strong antibacterial effect, and also help to cope with manifestations of allergies, inflammation, viruses - making a cream with beeswax with your own hands should be for those people who often suffer from rashes, redness, acne; wax forms a thin protective film on the skin, which not only protects against external influences, but also prevents loss of moisture from the skin, preventing dehydration; the wax contains a huge amount of vitamin A, which is a natural antioxidant, due to which the wax-based cream has high restorative and regenerative properties; beeswax copes with many tasks, including softening the skin, eliminating itching and flaking, and quickly healing damage to the skin. Given all of the above properties, we can confidently say that creating a wax cream on your own makes it possible to make a real magical anti-aging agent with your own hands. The cream protects, nourishes, retains moisture, helps fight skin aging.

Meet Viktoriia's absolutely delightful skin cream produced from real beeswax! A newcomer to Winnipeg and to Canada, Viktoriia is a proud member of a Ukrainian beekeeping family, and she has come to our city in order to provide the most stable environment possible for her own young family. When we first heard about her fantastic beeswax creations on a recent CBC interview, we knew that people would want to know more about this specialty Ukrainian take on a classic form of skin cream.

Handmade in small batches with premium natural ingredients, it is suitable for face and body and is an incredible method of self care for anyone wanting to love the skin they're in with a silky, hydrating and protective cream sent from mother nature. It comes in a handsome black gift bag and we offer two varieties for your consideration:

Grapefruit, 30mL: for normal, dry skin

  • beeswax
  • sweet almond oil
  • grapefruit essential oil

Spearmint, 30mL: for combination, oily skin

  • beeswax
  • grapeseed oil
  • spearmint essential oil