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About me

My name is Viktoria. I’m newcomer from Ukraine 

I was born and raised in a family of beekeepers  During last 5 years I’m making and using natural Beeswax skin creams for face and body. 

I learned a lot of interesting information about the benefits of Beeswax. And that beeswax can be used to create natural cosmetics. Then I did not find any courses on creating creams. Therefore, I had to learn by myself, by trial and error. For example, my very first cream was as hard as a candle)

I didn't give up. And good. Because I learned how to make wonderful, useful natural cosmetics that are loved by more and more people. And in the end I’ve created a small business from my hobby.

Thank you for support in advance ❤️




Beeswax is a product that is beneficial to the body and does not harm it. 

The components included in its composition are not harmful to health, but it is important to understand that the substance created by the bees may include small amounts of honey or propolis. These ingredients can cause allergies and if you have a hypersensitivity to them, wax cream should be used carefully.


There’s something comforting about the soft, flickering glow of a Beeswax candles. They add a sense of calm and warmth to your surroundings.

 Beeswax candles are a great substitute for paraffin candles with fragrance oils. Even soy candles aren’t always the better option since over 90% of US soy is GMO and sprayed with pesticides. Beeswax candles though don’t pollute the home with carcinogens and other toxins and can help improve air quality.

Plus these natural wax candles smell amazing!


Honey and Beeswax is renowned for its skin loving properties. Honey is a natural humectant helping your skin retain it's moisture.

Loaded with nutrients and conditioners. A thin coating of wax locks in skin moisture and helps protect your skin from cold weather. It is a natural product that does not contain an added chemicals or petroleum products. 


What's inside? Composition and ingredients of beeswax cream
Beeswax is widely demanded in cosmetology, but most often this ingredient is included in creams. The wax structure easily accepts other components and is saturated with them. Therefore, when starting the production of a wax cream, do not forget to purchase additional useful ingredients - essential oils of plants and extracts, herbs, juices, clay, etc.

Most often, when compiling a cream with wax, which is easy to prepare with your own hands, the mixture is supplemented with the following ingredients:

vegetable oils;
vegetable juices;
lemon juice;
vitamins A and E;
essential oils.
Honey is just as rich in beneficial properties as wax. This duet allows you to create real explosions of benefits for the body. Cream with wax and honey heals, nourishes, cleanses, protects, tones and tightens.

Vegetable oils rejuvenate, tighten, moisturize, relieve inflammation. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices of carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini contain a whole range of trace elements and vitamins that help improve skin tone, remove toxins from it, and even out the moisture balance. Popular essential oils include lemon, lemon balm, grapefruit, rosemary, neroli, verbena, sandalwood, rose, patchouli.

Lemon juice will help even out the color of the skin, improve its condition, and eliminate small wrinkles. Vitamins A and E actively fight free radicals, and lanolin promotes the penetration of each useful component into the deeper layers of the skin.

Bees wax

It is well known that beeswax has a wide range of positive characteristics that make it a sought-after apiproduct.
A wax of natural origin has been used for thousands of years for medical and cosmetic purposes due to the fact that its capabilities are difficult to replace. As a cosmetic cream, wax is one of the most popular uses for wax


wax contains a lot of surfactants that create a thin film on the skin - it acts as a protective barrier for external "aggressors", for example, ultraviolet radiation;

wax contains substances that have a strong antibacterial effect, and also help to cope with manifestations of allergies, inflammation, viruses - making a cream with beeswax with your own hands should be for those people who often suffer from rashes, redness, acne;

wax forms a thin protective film on the skin, which not only protects against external influences, but also prevents loss of moisture from the skin, preventing dehydration;

the wax contains a huge amount of vitamin A, which is a natural antioxidant, due to which the wax-based cream has high restorative and regenerative properties;

beeswax copes with many tasks, including softening the skin, eliminating itching and flaking, and quickly healing damage to the skin.

Given all of the above properties, we can confidently say that creating a wax cream on your own makes it possible to make a real magical anti-aging agent with your own hands. The cream protects, nourishes, retains moisture, helps fight skin aging.

About bees

People have used bees and bee-related products for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. ResearchersTrusted Source have noted claims that it has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties.

In traditional medicine, people use honey when treating a wide variety of conditions. While many of these uses do not have scientific backing, they include:

Beeswax is another important product that people have previously used in waterproofing and fuel. It currently has benefits for health and features in a number of skincare products. Additionally, pharmaceutical industries use itTrusted Source in ointments.

Other bee products that can benefit human health include:

In a 2020 studyTrusted Source, scientists found evidence that melittin, a component in honeybee venom, could kill cancer cells.

Did you know?

  • Beeswax is natural wax created by bees that they then use to form honeycombs. Simple enough, right? Surprisingly, beeswax also has several uses when living a natural lifestyle.
  • Beeswax is known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties! Pretty, neat! Beeswax can reduce the risk of contamination and prevents the growth of fungi and yeasts.
  • Beeswax is used in many natural products like lip balms, healing salves, and moisturizers.
  • Maybe you’ve heard of a beeswax candle before, but did you know that these candles burn brighter and cleaner than candles made from other wax? Cool, right?
  • Beeswax was an ancient form of dental filling! Australian Scientists found a set of teeth from the New Stone Age (6440 and 6650 years ago!) that had beeswax filings. Can you image your dentist pulling out a honeycomb today, to fill your cavities?!
  • Beeswax can be used as a waterproofing agent, for things like shoes and tents.
  • Pure beeswax doesn’t rot! This is because it contains a natural protective substance called “propolis”, which comes from the Greek meaning “defense of the city”.
  • Although it doesn’t taste very good, beeswax is actually edible! This is why it is safe to use in products like lip balm.
  • Beeswax is made from honey bees who collect pollen from flowers and then drop it off at the hive.
  • It takes roughly 8 pounds of honey to make just 1 pound of beeswax! Talk about hard work for the honeybees.
  • Refined beeswax is sometimes used as a stabilizer in oil paint. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Slumgum is a funny word used to describe the leftover, “dirty” beeswax that is not used in commercial beeswax products, however, it does make for a good fire starter!

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